Manage By Winning is a team of veteran automotive professionals uniquely specializing in training fixed operations managers. Sharing years of experience from successful real world strategies that will transcend a dealership's operating culture from an environment of impulse management to one of internal coaching, accountability and teamwork. Manage By Winning's parent company, Mitchell Automotive Services has been "in the trenches" guiding and directing fixed operations managers in the automotive industry since 1987. Professional trainers include accountants, parts managers, IT specialists, finance managers, sales managers, fixed operations directors, and business owners.

Over 20 years of involvement with all aspects of a dealership's operation has built our steadfast belief that the life-blood of every dealership's business is the attitude that its customers see and feel upon visiting the dealership. Service and parts professionals create the customer's perception of a dealership. By personal interaction, telephone conversations, text and emails; your fixed operations personnel make contact with almost FOUR times as many customers and potential customers than anyone else in the dealership every day! Yet, these same management professionals are not traditionally trained to be "dealership ambassadors;" and as important as it may be, they are not trained to be salespeople either.

We are continually asked to conduct business and personnel assessments of dealership fixed operations. Without exception our trainers find that a variety of "packaged" training programs have been purchased and implemented within the departments; yet there is no evidence of needs assessment, process analysis, no one-on-one training, no follow-up, no goal setting and no expectation for real change. A complete waste of valuable financial and personnel assets!

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